World Suicide Prevention Day Webinar

Tasmania has the highest rate of male suicide in Australia and is currently developing a new Suicide Prevention Strategy.

On the eve of World Suicide Prevention Day (Saturday 10 September), the Australian Men’s Health Forum and Men’s Resources Tasmania released a new report called “Time to act on male suicide in Tasmania”.

In this webinar, the case for the inclusion of a Male Suicide Action Plan was presented. 

Speakers included:

  • Glen Poole, CEO, Australian Men’s Health Forum
  • Jonathan Bedloe, Men’s Resources Tasmania
  • Christopher Stone, Policy Manager, Suicide Prevention Australia

In this webinar we:

  • Present the latest facts and figures on male suicide in Australia
  • Explore the key risk factors that are linked to male suicide base on coroner’s reports
  • Provide Tasmanian data that challenges the myth that suicide men “don’t get help”