Time to Act on Male Suicide in Victoria

The number of Victorian men who die by suicide each year has risen by more than 40% in the past decade, from fewer than 400 deaths in 2012 to more than 550 male suicides in 2021.

Provisional data from the Coroners Court of Victoria suggests that male suicides rose 8% to 560 deaths in 2022.

With the Victoria Government currently developing a new Suicide Prevention and Response Strategy, the Australian Men's Health Forum (AMHF) has released a new report called “Time to act on male suicide in Victoria”.

In this webinar, AMHF CEO Glen Poole, will:

  • Present the latest facts and figures on male suicide in Victoria
  • Explore the key risk factors that are linked to male suicide based on coroner’s reports
  • Provide Victorian data that challenges the myth that suicide men “don’t get help”
  • Make the case for the inclusion of a Male Suicide Action Plan in the Victorian strategy